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"Mediation is a process that creates a neutral space for the exploration and resolution of issues to all parties' satisfaction."

Mary-Margaret Bierbaum, an attorney with extensive experience in litigation, is now a trained mediator for services in conflict resolution. Mary-Margaret has a keen understanding of the dynamics of conflict and the needs of lawyers and clients. She offers considerable negotiating and interpersonal skills, and an insightful, compassionate approach to disputes.


In mediation, the goal is to find a solution that works for both sides; no one loses. In mediation you discuss the issues that are most important to you, and, with the help of The Mediator, you will find solutions that address your specific concerns. The private mediation meeting can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the parties - including some evenings or weekends. Ms. Bierbaum is experienced in helping people resolve disagreements. According to Monterey Court statistics, more than 85% of cases that go to mediation are resolved - and surveys show that most people who try mediation find the process less stressful and more satisfying than a court hearing. Many types of disputes can be successfully resolved in mediation but mediation is especially useful in cases that involve a continuing relationship. Unlike the adversarial process that pits people against each other in court, mediation can help calm emotions, clear up communication and repair relationships that have been damaged by disagreement.

Studies show that there is a very high rate of compliance with mediated agreements, which of course are tailored to the needs of the parties in each case. If an agreement can not be reached, you still have the option of filing a lawsuit. As an extra precaution, however, we encourage mediation participants to specify in the agreements that, in the event of non-compliance, either party may take the mediated agreement to court to enforce it as a judgment.

Her motto is: "We Can Work It Out..."

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation

Sample Mediation Confidentiality Agreement

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Selecting a Mediator

Ms. Bierbaum was an extremely effective and knowledgeable mediator. Additionally, she was kind to both sides and very fair. Finally, she was affable and pleasure to work with. I would recommend her mediation services to anyone and plan to use them myself again if the situation arises.

Ms. Bierbaum served as mediator on a difficult case charged with emotions, and was successful in assisting the parties in reaching a reasonable settlement. Her pleasant demeanor and professionalism were instrumental in the case settling in the manner it did. I would definitely utilize her services again.

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